Monday, March 14, 2011

Sasusaku Lemon Stories

And then boh? Read and smile too LOL

Hands up who has never gone (if only for a quick look fast) on Facebook (also known as the Fèisbùk or Fessbook) or Twitter (I do not speak ill of this because I admit that I adore) or on any chat, or simply observed / a boy / compose a message with the phone. Have you ever stopped to try to understand what they indicate certain abbreviations such as LOL or WTF?
course, now you will think now that it's hopeless nerd by language, such as Sheldon Cooper and his merry mates for nerd Big Bang theory, but in reality it is not. I took five minutes of my life to investigate (as we call it?) History of these acronyms and abbreviations and I discovered something very very interesting: the so-called abbreviation that are now part of our everyday life come from a certain object called television. Yes, that's her!

Here are some abbreviations that you often see on the web:

  • or asl a / s / l , by age, sex, location, the first contact with an unknown person, "age, sex, location (where you're from)"
  • ASD : sardonic chuckle used as a change in lol, sometimes repeated ("asdasdasd"), a differenza di quest'ultimo, per indicare la facilità con cui qualcosa fa sogghignare. A , S e D sono le prime tre lettere della seconda fila delle tastiere QWERTY).
  • ATM : acronimo dell'espressione inglese At The Moment ("per il momento").
  • b4 : contrazione del termine inglese before ("prima").
  • b-day : contrazione di birthday ("compleanno").
  • bbl , da be back later , "torno più tardi"
  • bbq , da "barbecue"
  • brb , da be right back , "torno subito"
  • btw , da by the way , "a proposito"
  • cya o cu , da see you , "ci vediamo"
  • dunno : abbreviazione di don't know , tradotto in italiano con non lo so (dato che il suono della pronuncia di don't know assomiglia molto a dunno , a sua volta pronunciato donnò )
  • FTW : è un'abbreviazione dell'espressione Engrish For the win [sic], che vorrebbe significare "per la vittoria". Viene usually placed after the subject of a sentence, it is also an acronym dell'epressione English fuck the world in Italian "fuck the world".
  • gg / gj from good game, good job , "good job"
  • gl , from "good luck", "good luck"
  • dignity: "good night", in Italian "good night".
  • gotta : "Got to," in Italian "I . eg "I gotta go," I must go ".
  • GTG / G2G from got to go, "I must go"
  • h8 : Abbreviation of "hate", "hate"
  • ihm from I Hate Myself, "I hate, I hate myself (for having to say / do this)
  • l8r or cul8r by or later see you later, "see you later"
  • LMAO : acronym that stands for laughing my ass off , it means laugh out loud.
  • LMFAO : acronym that stands for laughing my fucking ass off , it means laugh out loud with my fucking ass off
  • lol, laughing out loud from , I laugh loud (or to some "lot of laughs, a lot of laughs or even "laughing over limit", laughing over the limit)
  • nm, not much to / never mind, "not much, it does not matter"
  • nope "no"
  • np, no problem from , "no problem"
  • nvm from never mind, "do not worry"
  • OMG : acronym for the English oh , my God! , "oh, my God!".
  • OMFG : acronym of oh, it was ***** my God! , "oh, ***** God." It also A second variant English oh, it was ***** my gosh! in Italian "oh, disk hog."
  • PEBKAC from Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair, "the problems exist between the keyboard and the chair."
  • ROTFL : English acronym of hyperbole rolling on the floor laughing , "I roll on the floor with laughter." Many times t of the word 'the' is not transcribed: rofl
  • ROTFLASTC : acronym for the English rolling on the floor laughing and scaring the cat , "I roll on the floor laughing scaring the cat. "
  • ROTFLMAO : acronym for the English rolling on the floor laughing my ass off , "I roll on the floor laughing his ass off."
  • support from what's up? wassup? , "What?"
  • ttyl from talk to you later, "I will talk to you later, see you later"
  • ty / tnx / fnx / thx /, thank you from and thanks, "thank you" want
  • : Want to contraction of "I" followed by a verb.
  • wombat By waste of money, time and brain , "waste of money, time and mental resources"
  • w00t! , WOOT! : acronym for the English We Owned Other Team, "we beat the other team," which is used to express a feeling of triumph (the Italian equivalent of "we've torn").
  • wb, welcome back from , "welcome back"
  • WTF: stands for w t hat he f uck!? , "what the hell?!".
  • WTH : acronym for w hat t he h ell! , "what the heck!" / "What the hell."
  • Yeah! , yup, yap, yep, yah , yh : yes! used in chat to express approval, to agree or cheer.

Bah ... judge for yourself! I, deep down I'm a bit nerdy, I know some ...
But anyway ... LOL!


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